Creativity in Corporate Gifts – Boost The Oomph Factor

Adding the oomph factor to every gift makes it extra special. This theory doesn’t change when it comes to corporate gifts too. Adding creativity to corporate gifts is what we will look at in this article.


What’s better than having souvenirs delivered in the best way? You could consider personalizing them and making it appear as “just made for you” to make it look extra special. You could also consider a ceramic dinner set gift wrapped with its beauty waiting to surprise the employees from inside!

Wines And Nuts

Look for dealers who parcel wine and nuts as gift hampers with colourful packaging material. Bright colours make a gift look even more beautiful and attractive. There could be no better creativity in corporate gifts when you make them appear their best with the packaging part!

Gift Baskets

Instead of buying delicacies and expensive chocolates and packing them up in a paper bag, why don’t you look at making small gift baskets, which you can fill up with nice little gifts? They will look lovely, presentable and honourable when you hand them over to your colleagues!

Mini Leather Wallets

No one has the patience to carry bigger wallets these days. Replace the regular leather wallets with those mini leather wallets, which employees can carry around with ease and style. You could find them in branded stores and opt for buying them at the wholesale dealer’s.

Bags and Umbrellas

Bags and umbrellas have been an all-time favourite for corporate employees. To make them look unique, have your brand’s colour, logo and tag line etched on the bags and umbrellas, so that they can also flaunt their company’s brand, to the common public. Make them feel extra special with your unique idea of branding your brand through your employees themselves! What better way to spread the word about your thriving company!!

Porcelain Pens

You could look at buying beautifully printed and painted porcelain pens, which will not only make it an honour to hold, but also to proudly have it on the work desk. These pens will look beautiful and unique both in a man as well as in a woman’s hand and they will have all the praises for you for having chosen the best of best gifts!

USB Tech Accessories

Bring your creative juices to play with the USBs you choose for your team. Get them looking like a lock or a key holder, so that they are unique to carry and solve the purpose too. Because it looks unique and different, your employees won’t lose them easily too!

Relaxation And Spa Wrapped

Another nice thing you could give a thought on doing is gift wrapping good scented spa lotions and spa creams in an attractive basket unique corporate gift ideas. You could write a few words and leave it on the card for your employees to read and cherish every time they see it!

Therefore, it is not about the gifts you choose, but about the creative factor you add to it that make it seem more interesting! Good luck!!