Corporate humour – should you have comical photo booths for corporate events

If you are wondering on whether to have a photo booth at your next corporate event, then without doubt you should rent one! A photo booth is a great way to promote a message or a corporate brand. The perfect attention grabber in any party or corporate event! It doesn’t matter what kind of event you have – conference, promotional event, rodeo cook-off, fundraiser, inaugurations, Christmas events, team building events or conventions – comical photo booths fit in anywhere perfectly. Who would not like to have a few minutes of fun and go back with a memento to remind them of that fun moment?

It is a great advertising medium for your company. With a bit of extra payment you can get the booth covered with your company logo photo booth for all occasion in Singapore. Also you can have them customise the photo with your company’s logo or brand and this is going to end up on someone’s refrigerator or cubicle reminding people of your brand constantly! What a fun way to advertise!

Why you should have a fun photo booth at your next corporate event:

  • Gives greater prominence and visibility to your brand.
  • Highlights the message you want to send through the event.
  • Everyone goes back with a unique memory of the event.
  • These fun photos generally don’t get thrown away, they are kept in a place which people can see everyday. Fun way to connect to your brand!
  • Even in serious conferences, this becomes a break with a few minutes to unwind.
  • Generally photo booths are a great place to socialise and this can even be the icebreaker.
  • A single photo on social media can go viral and generate much more interest than any single paid advertisement in other kind of media!
  • These photos are long term publicity as well as they stay in public view for a long long time as generally even the printed photos are always displayed somewhere!
  • Photos tell stories and if you can tell a positive story with a single photo, such as treating your employees and customers well, these fun photos create a positive image for your company and people are more likely to buy products or services from you.
  • It is easy to set one up rather than make up a some game and explain rules.
  • Some amazing fun moments are created when people join together to take photos at the booth which can later on work towards partnerships.

When renting out a photo booth remember to ask for:

  • Fireproof, Adaptable and EC certified.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Customised booth for your business.
  • If you need long term, ask if they do deals for three or six months (based on your requirement).
  • Super quick double prints / Instant reprints if you need them immediately.
  • Unlimited photos.
  • A copy of all your photos on a DVD.
  • A online gallery, preferably password protected.
  • Unlimited photos.
  • Timely setup of the booth.
  • Friendly site attendant who is also knowledgeable.
  • Real time social media updates if required.