How Fringe Activities- Advertising Balloons Ensure A Successful Product Launch

Have you been wondering what new ideas you are going to incorporate as fringe activities for a product launch for your latest product in the pipeline? Let us introduce you to advertising balloons that will make your product launch a roaring success.

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Balloons work each time, every time! It is the key to decoration of your event.

If you are looking to dress up the entrance of the product launch venue, you will not find anything more young and vivacious than balloons. Attract the attention of your prospective buyers by deciding on the most striking color combination.

If you are looking to dress up the entrance of the product launch venue, you will not find anything more young and vivacious than balloons. Attract the attention of your prospective buyers by deciding on the most striking color combination. That is perhaps the first thing that attendees to the launch will notice, and it will set the tone for the event. Choose colors that depict the company’s philosophy or reflect the product that you are launching.

As part of fringe activities for product launch, you could gift children that accompany their parents with bouquets of balloons; it will keep them busy till the grownups get some time to pay attention at the launch. 

Balloons artwork work great for vast spaces:

In case, decorating and readying the places is not your forte, you could hire balloon decorators and event managers to take care of it.

Most product launches in the country happen in places with large square footing, and it may look bad, even shoddy, to not dress up the place adequately. Balloon artwork personalized with the company’s logo can be god sent in such cases. They are a cost-effective way to use up places that would otherwise look empty and forlorn.

There are a lot of companies that will personalize balloons with your company colors and logos. Most of them have staff that will make sure that they deliver the goods in time for the event. In case, decorating and readying the places is not your forte, you could hire balloon decorators and event managers to take care of it.

Are you afraid that your balloon creations will not last more than one day? 

You do not have to worry because a custom made balloons that have your company’s logo printed on them stay intact for days and sometimes weeks if they are made with good quality rubber and are filled with helium. You could transport the balloon artwork to your showrooms and display them there, too, making them worth every dollar that you will spend on them.

Advertising balloons in the sky with your company’s logo on them is also a very good idea to create a buzz amongst your prospective clients. Humans have a basic instinct to look up to the sky, and anything that is flying is bound to catch their attention. This is one of the reasons why floating advertisement balloons are still more popular than setting up billboards and printing pamphlets for your product launch. The other reasons are that they are inexpensive, and they can be seen from miles away, and they pique people’s interest very effectively.

Photo booth at the product launch:

As part of the fringe activities for product launch, you can set up a photo booth for guests with tastefully set up balloon décor. You can add stylish foil balloons with your company’s logo on them and encourage people to click photos and post them on social media platforms. Balloons are the most inexpensive way to create a fun and vivacious backdrop without having to worry about how to transport them after the product launch is over.

Releasing logo imprinted balloons on the day of the product launch also creates a lot of buzz amongst people. People are going to crane their necks to see the colorful display of the balloons as they waft away in the sky. 

For more examples, there are many other types of events that are fans of fringe activities, do check out how others run and engage their clients successfully.


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Fringe Activities Ideas That You Can Find At The Singapore Garden Festival This Year

Fringe Activities Ideas, Garden festivals are a welcome break for a lot of attendees:

Outdoor parties and garden festivals help people to break the monotony of urban living. It gives them a chance to be one with nature and to appreciate its bountiful ambiance. It is, therefore, important that all the fringe activities ideas that you plan to conduct should be centered on the theme of nature.

Singapore is a country within the garden, and when a country with that kind of legacy holds garden festivals, people are going to expect a lot more. 

Exhibitions held during and around the garden festival see humungous numbers of tourists flying in to experience this biennial event. It features some of the best heads, fringe activities ideas in the world, and showcases their work. Therefore, you cannot afford to be mediocre with fringe activities ideas for an exhibition being planned. 

Fringe Activities Ideas, Games that are centered on the rich flora and fauna of the country:

As a warm-up, you could give each participant a small booklet on all the rich forest heritage of the country which they can browse while they are participating in the exhibition or browsing products. They can log in to a contest that will test them on their knowledge of what all they have witnessed throughout the day.

Fringe activities ideas for exhibition need not be something that involves a lot of money:

It could be something as simple as ‘Guess the flower.’ You could ask the participants to blindfold themselves. The conductor of the games will go around, giving each of the participants a whiff of the flower or herb that grows in the garden. The participant has to say in the conductor’s ears, the name of the flower or herb. The participant with the highest number of correct answers emerges as the winner.

The Singapore garden festival is a world-famous event:

People throng in droves to experience. If you are an exhibitor that wants to attract a lot of guests to your booth, there are a lot of creative ways to do it.

Create Facebook and Instagram pages and conduct easy contests relating to your company and/or products. Guests who answer the contest question correctly may be invited to your booth to present them with prizes or mementos. This will allow you to engage with them professionally.

Create unique hashtags and let the contestants post their pictures and experience at the exhibition and, more specifically, at your business booth. Ask them to participate in the fishbowl game.

Encourage guests to put their visiting cards into a fishbowl. Draw out a card to announce the winner for the day. Keep prizes substantial; otherwise, people may not want to part with all their professional information for something too small and inconsequent.

Selfie booths with photo props and a professional photographer to click pictures work like magic. Create natural and scenic backgrounds reflecting Singapore’s tourist spots for guests to click selfies with their phones. To make things more interesting, offer your guests corporate quality gifts that will make your event more memorable! Here is a Key Guide to Corporate Gifting that will definitely help you in executing it.

Engage the kids!

All children at exhibitions get bored after a while. Do them a favor by having some coloring booths, face painting booths, Lego bricks, and a dollhouse! You can hire trained babysitting staff while you engage grownups professionally. Gift them cute personalized stationery and be sure that they are going to pester their parents to bring them back there!


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